Get a Grip on Reality

If you think you have a solid grip on reality, think again.

Nothing is as it appears, as Alice remarked in Alice in Wonderland.

We perceive reality through our senses. Our senses are limited, and they capture only a sliver of what is “out there.”

What is real is much more than what we can perceive.

Here are some thought experiments to try out which might change your view on what you consider to be real:

1. Imagine your eyes had the magnifying power of the world’s most powerful telescope; what would you see then? Would your world look different?

2. Imagine that your eyes could see like an electron microscope; what would the world look like to you then?

3. Imagine you had x-ray vision or could “see” through objects like an fMRI machine; what would you see then?

4. What would the world look like if you could see quarks or the world at its most fundamental level-quantum level? Hint: objects would come in and out of existence. It would be a “now you see it, now you don’t” world.

We have instruments that “see” the world(s) imagined in each scenario above, but our senses cannot see these worlds unaided. Reality is all of the above and is more than what we perceive it to be.

Try out these thought experiments and “see” for yourself.

Question Reality!!





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