Atoms to Adam

Science, Religion, and Spirituality: The quest for TRUTH

The four slides below capture 300 years of scientific progress in explaining the origin of the Universe, the creation of planet earth, how life emerged from matter, and the evolution of humans from a single-cell organism.

Each chart is a 30,000 feet view of the subject matter, and the knowledge is from one or more disciplines in science. Collectively the ten charts describe the “forest” we belong to. One can drill down from “the forest to the trees to the weeds” of each chart, where all the magic of science is.

These charts answer the questions of what, where, when, and how of all of existence but NOT “the why,” — why things happen?

I turned to philosophy and religion for these answers. The knowledge captured in the ten slides is settled “truth” and not debatable by religious doctrines or philosophical speculations, Except for THREE topics in science.

  1. What was there before BIG BANG?
  2. How life emerged from matter.
  3. What is Consciousness? Science cannot explain what it means to be ME. Where do my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and desires come from?

These questions fall into the domain of religion and philosophy. For anyone, like me, in search of Truth (and nothing but the truth), one has to explore these domains. While science has been the foundation of my belief system, I have delved into religion and philosophy for answers to these important questions. I have found answers at the intersection of science and Vedic philosophy. I have written two books on this topic — Shiva’s Dance: A Scientist Dances with the Sages and The Mind of God of Revealed: Einstein’s Unfinished Business, and am working on the third.


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