God is a Gamer.

Our Universe is a Virtual Reality Game.

Let’s look at Creation from God’s perspective, not ours. Why did God create this Universe? The Vedic sages, in my opinion, have the best explanation for why. According to the Vedas, God created the Universe for its sheer joy. God wanted to have some fun.

The Vedic sages were deep thinkers, and their insight was that all Creation is Sat. Chit. Ananda—Existence. Consciousness. Joy. Sat is the objective universe-the world of matter, energy, and forces, the world that physicists study. Chit is consciousness. Consciousness is the creative energy that animates Sat. Ananda is the joy of experiencing Creation. Sat. Chit. Ananda is all there is.

Of course, this is speculation, but neither science nor religion will ever know why the Universe exists. So, let’s play with the idea that there is a God, and he(she) created the Universe for the joy of it. We humans exist because God has a sense of humor. We are here for the amusement of God; this may sound esoteric or far out, using a sixties expression. What if this is true?

Let’s put God in our digital age and imagine she is a gamer. She designs virtual reality games for the fun of it. Her most incredible virtual reality creation is Creation. The humans (us) are her user interface or haptic devices for her to interact with her virtual reality game. The only way she can have a sensory experience of her creation or Creation is through humans. Let me explain this again. Just as virtual reality designers here on earth create virtual reality goggles and gloves to interact with their virtual worlds, God created humans to be her interface.

Now it all fits. God created this virtual reality game that we consider our Universe, and she made us her user interface. She did this for her amusement. Sat. Chit. Ananda.

We humans take ourselves too seriously. We are just a user interface for God. Religions have been telling us this but in an archaic language “thy will be done on earth as in heaven,” meaning let God work through us her user interface, do not resist, surrender to the will of God.

I will submit that if you re-read the holy texts, be it the Bible, Vedas, Buddhists texts, or Quaran, from the perspective of God as a creator of this virtual reality game we call our Universe; you might be amazed at how the teachings make sense. All religions teach us how God wants us to be. Do they not?


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